Baby Crib Trolleys

TBD Safety, mobility and ergonomics for nursing

The easy-to-use and patient-friendly hospital bedding collection is designed for the basic care and specialized care departments. The structure and design of the beds combine agile mobility with high load capacity and durability.

Versatile accessories contribute to the patient's safe rehabilitation and well-being and make it easier for the medical staff to work hard. Lojer beds made in Finland are known for their robust, secure and ergonomically shaped construction.

Baby crib trolleys have been developed by Lojer together with intensive care professionals, and their innovative lifting mechanism is patented. The design of the beds is based on the new standard EN 60601-2-52: 2009 and the conformity of the beds has been tested in an external research laboratory.

We give our products the best guarantee on the market: 3/10 years.



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